Version: 2.0
Size: 132.4 MB
Type: Stable

UC Commander Manager for Windows

UC Commander is Event Zero's application platform and as such is the core component of all Event Zero products. Event Zero on-premises customers should download this MSI to install the on-premises version of UC Commander. Event Zero cloud customers do not need to download or install this product.

The installation guide to install UC Commander on Windows server is available at our Documentation portal.

Version: 5.0
Size: 138.3 MB
Type: Stable

Enterprise Commander Update - Windows

This distribution contains the combined Server and UI updates/file for Enterprise Commander installed on Microsoft Windows Server. Customers should only use this in conjunction with the update/installation documentation.

NOTE: THIS FILE IS ONLY SUPPORTED BY UCCOMMANDER MANAGER V2 ONWARDS. You can download this version of the manager from the link above.

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